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Independent embedded systems developer Kristof Provost certainly knows his way around the networking stack. For the past several years, (since George Neville Neil approached him at AsiaBSDCon with an offer he couldn’t refuse) he has maintained FreeBSD’s port of the OpenBSD Packet Filter (pf) firewall.

Even before this, if you’ve used IPv6, you’ve benefited from Kristof’s work to clean up fragment handling in the firewall. But it’s his 2018 engagement with Orange (France Telecom) that marks the beginning of this particular story.

With 2019 turnover of 42 bn, Orange is BUTTERCUP THE POWERPUFF GIRLS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover on a mission “to ensure that digital services are well thought out, made available and used in a more caring, inclusive and sustainable way in all areas of our business.”

FreeBSD plays a role in this mission, serving as the OS for some of Orange’s business gateway devices. Olivier Cochard Labb, who at the time worked as a Network Engineer at Orange, discovered COOL J-COLE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover a pfsync performance issue and recruited Kristof to come up with a fix. Olivier is a recognized networking SAN JOSE SHARKS Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover expert who founded ELECTRIC OUTLET Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover FreeNAS and BSD Router Project and is a FreeBSD port committer.

“Olivier set DRAGON BALL Z SYMBOL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover this project up for success very well,” said Kristof in an interview for this blog. “He had extensively researched the issue and provided me with benchmarks and flame graphs ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover that really sped up my work.” After a few weeks of coding and testing, and another few for the commit (work that was spread out across about 6 months), Kristof ADIDAS ORANGE Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover had a patch that doubled pfsync Custodia Cover Per Iphone 5 Tpu Bianco Pois Neri performance.

CRI O 1.18 lands: Adds better insight, config handling for Kubeheads but keep an eye on the defaults

CRI O, which pitches itself as an open source replacement for Docker as the runtime for Kubernetes, is now available in version 1.18, improving on configuration and logging, among other things. Users are meant to get more feedback about their Custodia in silicone per iPhone 11 Pro Max – Rosa sabbia – Apple (IT) input, thanks to a new verification feature that validates provided capabilities when CRI O Custodia Iphone X Silicone Telefono Nuovo Cover Iphone X Nero is started.

To improve on traceability, increasingly a hot topic with cloud natives, the project now adds log context to container stats and gRPC method names to log entries for better insight.

A day in the life of a Scrum Master

Scrum is a framework in which software development teams NF WORD COLLABORATION LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover deliver working software in increments of 30 days or less. There are three roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Development Team. A Scrum Master is a facilitator, coach, teacher/mentor, and servant/leader that guides the development team through executing the Scrum framework correctly.

A Scrum Master removes impediments and helps the team to become self organizing and empowered to create, innovate, and make decisions for themselves as one team.

The Scrum Master is a master of the daily Scrum, Sprint planning, Sprint review, and Sprint CLASSIC BATMAN SYMBOL Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover retrospectives.

I had been in traditional IT for many years prior to becoming a Scrum Master. I eventually decided that I could use other skills such as my business experience and management experience to work with software development and DevOps teams BON JOVI LOGO Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover to create high performing teams.

DevOps vs. Agile: Do they have anything in common

The topic of DevOps ARABIAN HORSE ART Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover vs. Agile is almost like debating iPhone vs. Android everyone has an opinion, and emotions can become heated, especially if people disagree.

After writing DevOps v. Agile: What’s the difference and reading the comments on the article, I wanted to add some more thoughts including how some of my thinking has changed on the topic.

My BIG HERO 6 BAYMAX FIRST PUMP Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover perspective comes from where I am now but also where I have been. I used to be a systems administrator and infrastructure engineer, and TOOL BAND LIGHTNING Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover now I am a senior scrum master with a major utility company in Missouri. MALEFICENT DISNEY Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover (I actually was a scrum master before I was an admin or engineer, but I digress.)When you name your session, the “stage” page calculates a unique ID from that name, and registers with that Custodia Iphone 7 Plus Protezione Bianco Vetro Cover Iphone 7 name on PeerJS’s coordination server. The audience page calculates the same ID2, registers itself with a random ID, and opens a PeerJS data connection to the stage page (because it knows what its ID is). PeerJS is just using WebRTC data connections under the covers, but the PeerJS people provide the signalling server, which the main alternative simple peer doesn’t, and I didn’t want to have to run a signalling server myself because then I’d need server side hosting for it.

OpenJS Foundation’s first year: Successes and next steps [Ed: OpenJS failed CLUB SANTOS LAGUNA Cover Samsung Galaxy S7 cover to get leadership that isn’t Microsoft (and which also became management of Linux Foundation, cementing Microsoft monopoly)]

A staggering 95% of the world’s websites use JavaScript. As one of the most popular languages, JavaScript plays a critical role in supporting our lives. With the size, importance, and diversity of the JavaScript ecosystem, like minded supporters came together to create the OpenJS Foundation where JavaScript developers can collaborate on projects on a level playing field.

3 out of 5 developers contribute to open source, new Slashdata report claims

Slashdata’s Developer Economics report examines data from CUSTODIA PER APPLE iPHONE 7 4.7 ADIDAS ROSA CIPRIA CON LOGO BIANCO over 17,000 developers from around the world. See what devs think about open source, the rise of Kotlin for mobile programming, and what emerging tech is trending.

Keeping a finger on the pulse of the developer community is important. It helps us see the bigger picture of where we are now, how far CROOK AND CASTLES Cover Cover Bianca Iphone XR in pelle di Pitone – Andrea Morante ®️ Samsung Galaxy S7 cover we’ve come, and what things will likely look like in the future…