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And now today, Apple is offering back cover samsung tab 3 up a few more options for existing and potential customers. It CHICAGO CUBS LOGO Cover iPhone 6 / 6S starts with a couple of different accessory kits for the desktop machine. Now, when you initially configure a Mac Pro you can choose to opt for either feet or wheels, depending on your needs. But you can’t do both! The stock setup sees the stainless steel case outfitted with feet, and changing that BLUE MUSTANG GT Cover iPhone 6 / 6S to wheels adds a whopping $400 to the grand total.

But it COVER THE RAINBOW JAKE PAUL Cover iPhone 6 / 6S looks like that would be the cheaper way to go, FORD MUSTANG LOGO Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE all things considered. If you opted to go with the stock Mac Pro with the feet rather than the wheels, you can now pick up a Wheels Kit from Apple’s Online Store for a total of $699. They are stainless steel and rubber, and you’ll need to install them yourself after purchase.

Here’s how Apple describes them:

Put your Mac Pro on wheels with the Mac GAME OF THRONES TARGARYEN Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE Pro Wheels Kit. The custom designed stainless steel and CLUB DEPORTIVO GUADALAJARA CHIVAS 1 Cover iPhone 6 / 6S rubber wheels make it easy to move your Mac Pro around, whether sliding it out from under your desk or across COACH NEW YORK RAINBOW Cover iPhone 6 / 6S your studio.

Installation required. A 1/4 inch to 4 mm hex bit is included, but additional tools are CARD THE JOKER YU-GI-OH! Cover iPhone 6 / 6S necessary. Replacing the Mac Pro feet cover samsung violetta with wheels adds approximately one inch to the height of the frame.

If you went the other direction (or plan to) when you purchased your Mac Pro and opted for BROWNING USA FLAG Cover iPhone 6 / 6S the DUKE BLUE DEVILS cover samsung s3 neo minion Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE wheels right out of the gate, you can now also buy BEETLEJUICE TIM BURTON Cover iPhone 6 / 6S a Feet Kit for your desktop machine if you want to keep your machine a bit more stationary. The Feet Kit is priced at $299. Here’s Apple’s description:

Use the Mac Pro Feet Kit to install stainless steel feet to the bottom of your Mac Pro. The standard Mac Pro comes with four feet already installed, but if you purchased a Mac Pro with wheels, you can replace each of them with feet for improved cover samsung s8 swarovski stability.

Installation required. GREEN DAY Grenade Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE cover samsung note 3 neo personalizzate A 1/4 inch to 4 mm hex bit is included, but additional tools are necessary. Replacing the Mac Pro wheels with feet reduces approximately one inch to the height of the frame.

Both the Wheels Kit and the Feet Kit FC REAL MADRID GREEN Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE are available to buy now. In store pick up is not available, but with fastest delivery you can have either accessory bundle arrive on Friday, April 17. Free delivery sees both arrive on Monday, April 20.

But, that’s not all! Apple has DRAGON BALL SUPER ULTRA INSTINCT 1 Cover iPhone 5 / 5S / SE made another change to the customization options for the Mac Pro today. Folks who are customizing their prefect Mac Pro can now choose Radeon Pro W5700X graphics cards, which is paired with 16GB of GDDR6 memory. For those keeping track, this has been a DEADPOOL ART MARVEL Cover iPhone 6 / 6S long time coming, with Apple promising the option for months now.

Adding this new graphics cover samsung i9082 card option will also tally on an additional $600 to your configuration, compared to the stock Radeon Pro 580X option. It’s certainly not cheap, but for anyone who has been waiting for this particular option to join the list, it’s probably a welcomed addition…