Custodia s6 samsung Globalisation has passed the point of no return-cover iphone 7 cartoon-brweau

One of the most frequently asked questions is: What will the world look like after cover samsung s6 edge dragonball the novel coronavirus is tamed In particular, will the current trajectory of globalisation change

The great uncertainties surrounding cover samsung j5 2016 con acqua e brillantini the pandemic have made pessimism prevail, as a result globalisation will be scaled cover samsung s6 con scritte back, and the world will enter an era of “staggered” globalisation, or even an era of de globalisation and counter globalisation.

The free flow of people and the interconnectedness of countries that have characterised globalisation, to some extent, caused and cover samsung j5 2016 pelle exacerbated cover samsung j3 2016 blu cover iphone 5 darth vader the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The division of labour on a global scale also contributed to the shortages and cover samsung galaxy trend plus gt-s7580 even cover samsung galaxy core lte cover iphone 6s serpente cutoffs of anti epidemic materials in some countries.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of independent industrial chains. As transport has been closed down in face of the spread of the virus, it has highlighted that industrial autonomy is essential to protect national security and even people’s lives.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo lamented in a televised speech cover samsung s9 gomma that anti epidemic supplies, from masks, protective clothing, goggles cover samsung t530 to test kits and ventilators, are all imported, mainly from China.

It is s8 plus cover samsung originale foreseeable, therefore, that after the pandemic is a5 2017 cover samsung originale controlled, many countries will call back their overseas industrial chains and cultivate domestic industries relating to people’s livelihoods and basic needs, which will impact the global industrial chains, value chains and supply chains.

Also the pandemic has raised awareness of state sovereignty, which will make it more difficult for states to transfer their sovereign decision making in future to reach or participate in international agreements. This will undoubtedly be a curb to globalisation.

The pandemic has also amplified the rhetoric of counter globalisation. With the pandemic causing an cover orecchie topolino iphone 5s economic recession and a decline in living standards, racism, populism and extremism are on the rise.

Standing at this historical watershed, what we need is sober reflection on the future.

It is not difficult to see that the pandemic will influence the development of the world, but with the caveat that from an objective, historical perspective, the pandemic is only a breaker in the tides of human history, albeit one exerting a far ranging influence on the world.

The factor driving human history forward is productivity and the mode of production. Other factors, even one as big as a pandemic, will not cover samsung i9195 reverse or determine the direction, they can only accelerate or delay the trends.

The process of globalisation has continually strengthened the connections of the world by expediting the flows of people, technology, supreme cover samsung capital, information and services, enhancing the awareness of a global community.

At the preliminary stage, globalisation was basically an economic and trade concept; but as cover samsung core 2 in silicone the years have gone by, its connotations have been enriched and extended into political, security, social and cultural spheres. Its embryo can be traced back to the great epoch of maritime navigation starting from the end of the marcelo burlon cover iphone xr 15th century when marine technologies and geographical discovery brought together the world.

New technologies such as artificial intelligence, quantum cover samsung j5 jordan information, new energy and modern biologics will realise the fusion of physical and information systems, the internet of things plus.

Against this backdrop, the connections between people, between people and the society, and between states will be even closer.

All human beings are becoming a community of shared interests, responsibilities cover iron man iphone and destiny. Anyone or any country will find it hard to survive if isolated from the wider global community.

Another reason why globalisation is not stoppable is the profit seeking nature of economic activities.

Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations proposed that human nature is self interest and that the pursuit of personal interests is the only motivation for people to engage in economic activities.

That remains true today: Economic activities hinge on the doctrine of maximising profits, so the cover paris iphone 6s elements of production flow globally.

Hit by the pandemic, countries are expected to roll out protective measures that rein in economic activities, such as developing industrial autonomy or even establishing total factor industrial chain.

But our profit cover samsung s3 bmw driven nature determines that these practices are temporary and partial. For most countries, the costs of building a total factor industrial chain are huge.

So the idea will fade over time and countries will again resort to globalisation to make the allocation of resources reasonable and efficient so as to maximise the interests of all parties.

In short, the novel coronavirus may lead to a contraction of globalisation, but will not reverse the trend.

In particular, the emergence of the fourth technological revolution will help the world get out of the low ebb, and head for the globalisation in a faster pace…